Grace Clothiers

A contemporary clothing boutique for men and women on Park City, Utah's Main Street. We carry domestic & European Designers.

Grace’s Story

Grace was born in the Garmish area of Austria/Germany in 1894. At the age of 18 she married William Fruth who was a year older and full of ambition for a brighter future including emigrating to the United States. In 1914, they boarded a freighter making the journey to America through Ellis island. After passing through Ellis island, Grace and William headed to Pittsburgh where work and sponsorship were offered. They adapted quickly and William was soon working in the mines and later as a mechanic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

They purchased a home in a Pittsburgh town and remained there throughout their lives. They had three children, two girls and one boy who later served in World War Two in the South Pacific. Grace stood out for her individualism, always dressed well and was a bit of a risk taker despite the challenges that were occurring in the United States such as Prohibition and World War Two. William was quieter and stoic, they were very proud of becoming American citizens.     During prohibition and the depression Grace and William found extra income by building a still in the basement (which still stands today) and making various brews of moonshine which were sold to local speak easy’s and clients around the Pittsburgh area. Gaining confidence, they shipped their brews to nearby Ohio until prohibition came to a close. Throughout World War Two Grace contributed to the war effort by working in a parachute factory.

Following the war, Grace and William continued on, he as a mechanic and she as a small clothing store owner. Her tastes were always eclectic and ahead of the time, especially for Pittsburgh. Her influence grew on William as he became a more polished dresser for the times. As they aged they traveled by car and train throughout the country but never beyond. Grace passed suddenly in 1967 and William passed away a year later in 1968 in the home they have lived for more than 50 years

Grace was our grandmother and we hope this store in her name reflects her zest for life, belief in quality, helping others, and expressing yourself through any outlet.